Dinosaur Slot Arrives With Simplicity To Lion Slots

The online casino world received a new treat today in its simplest form. 1,000,000 Reels BC has been introduced at Cocoa and Lion Slots online casinos and the game brings slots back to their earliest forms.

If Rival Gaming was looking to wow online best UK casino players with their i-slots, they are trying to the opposite with 1,000,000 Reel BC. It is only a three reel slot machine with the most basic of graphics and not much to get confused by with its symbols.

The payout symbols consist of a small white egg, a medium turquoise egg, a large white egg, a man, a woman, and a dinosaur. that is it, no confusing symbols or bonuses. There are no free spins, however, there are multipliers.

The max bet is three coins and there are five possible pay lines. To hit the progressive online casino bonus jackpot, three green dinosaurs are needed on a max bet. The outside graphics consist of a big purple dinosaur and a smaller brown one.

For anyone who is used to the fabulous i-slots that Rival is known for, this is a refreshing change of pace. Lion Slots and Cocoa Casino are both offering the new games and are giving out sign up bonuses for anyone who wants to try the new 1,000,000 Reel BC slot out.

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By Jack Swank
Published Yesterday 12/11

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